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First steps in ASP.net

I took the first steps in learning ASP.net. I had to take over a project and as I also want to have some hands-on experience on the projects that I manage, I decided to learn ASP.net.
First of all, I have to admit that creating simple things in MS Visual Studio is veeery easy. It even comes with an embedded web server for your development needs. Nice.
Second of all, I really have to say how crappy is when it comes to code completion and refactoring. I had previous experience in IntelliJ and I can say if you compare them when it comes to these two features, Visual Studio is like an IDE coming from the previous century. Huge difference. Now I understand the JetBrains guys what they meant with “Coding with pleasure”.
I will write in my next articles about my experience in ASP.net and come with a few tips regarding web development.

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