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Patu Digua – JavaScript/HTML/CSS Obfuscator/Compressor

I finally managed to get a first version done for a web obfuscator and compressor.
First of all, why to use such a program. Some may say to hide your HTML/JavaScript/CSS code. Right. This could be one option. And it is powerful enough to do so. But I would personally use it to reduce the size of the code. I tested on a few projects and the code gets reduced up to 60-70% from the initial size. It’s not like a zip but quite good if you take into account that you’re dealing only with scripts.
It is very good practice to comment and indent your code, but this doesn’t have any value at all for the end user, it only eats up his/her bandwidth.
The application has a very nice and intuitive interface (check out the screenshots), it is very customizable and it can be run on both UI and command line mode. A nice feature in the graphical interface is the drop zone, where you can drag and drop files or folders and they are automatically processed. Just switch first to the drop zone mode.
If you want to play with it you can download it from SourceForge or check out its home page.
I would gladly want to hear your opinion or how do you use it.

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  1. September 7, 2009 at 6:06 pm

    Interesting, I`ll quote it on my site later.

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