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Personal screen ads

If I already opened the ideas vine, let’s hear another one.
I saw a lot of media LCD screens appearing in Bucharest lately. Unfortunately, I think the crisis affected the advertising budget of companies and these screens as a consequence.
So why not using them for everyone, not only for big budget advertising companies? And here is a possible solution.
But first of all, why somebody would like to use them for ads? One example, dedications. Love ones ;).
And now let’s see how. Let’s say that you want to propose your love one. You go to the media screen company website, even from your mobile phone. There you will create online your message, specifying the text, the template (red text on pink falling heart, white text on a blue stripe over a bouquet of lilies etc), the exact time of appearance, the display time and the exact display from an entire network of media screens allover the city. You can even see a preview of the entire ad.
One more step left, payment. The final cost is automatically calculated taking into account the time of the day, the period and the location of the display.
The entire ad will receive a unique code in the system and you will see that code at the end. Now if you send that code through SMS to an extra-cost number you will receive a confirmation of your message, payment, URL with details and the exact time when it will be displayed.
You have to work a little bit on your synchronization and it might cost you some money, but the effect could be one of a kind.
It could also be that the easiness of creating such ads could attract even smaller companies.
Do you like the idea? What would you display on such a media screen?

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