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Mobile conference 2010

I participated yesterday in the Mobile Marketing Conference 2010 in Bucharest. Interesting and informative. The speakers wanted to describe the Romanian mobile marketing in the context of the worldwide movement.
They all talked about different technologies, methodologies, challenges, successes, but one thing was clearly the common nominator: mobile web is GROWING. In the last year the number of visits to Romanian mobile sites increased with 162% and we reached 5 millions web mobile users. The last figure was calculated taking into account the estimations of the major mobile carriers.
The predictions are that the mobile will become the main browsing device in the next 5-10 years in Romania and all over the world. Again Google is visionary and they say mobile first.
Dragos Stanca, Managing Director F5 Realitatea – Catavencu, had a nice presentation about mobile web, stating the importance of having a presence here. He presented statistics, principles and examples from Romania and abroad.
Another hot topic was the QR codes presentation. It was clear that the marketers in the audience did their homework and this is on a clear path to a wide adoption.
I would like to summarize for you some principles about mobile marketing mentioned by speakers

  • The mobi-banners must link to a (personalized) landing page and not the homepage. This will enable you to keep track of the campaign and its ROI.
  • Integration of different media channels.
  • Clear and easy call to action: click2call, click2sms, …
  • Keep in mind the message, not the technology
  • The mobile is a two-way communication device, so you should keep a channel open for your customer.

The conference was also a good opportunity for the launch of Romanian Mobile Marketing Association, three of speakers being the founders.
Regarding the conference, unfortunately I need to mention one negative fact – the flat and dull presentation style for some speakers (although very few).

In the second part I skipped the case studies and joined MobileApps conference, an event in parallel, for which a better name should have been OviApps conference :). Two guys from Nokia presented their last application development framework, Ovi, along with the entire ecosystem, Ovi Store, Ovi Maps etc. Interesting.

Altogether, a very good initiative, already at the third edition, the first one being launched in October 2008.

Fun fact: I was shocked by the number of iPhone’s in the audience.

In the end, a very cool movie about the mobile world in figures from Qualcomm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgAkbu73L5A. Enjoy!

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