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Web In Progress – proposals

As promised I said I’m back with some project proposals for the WebInProgress contest. Please keep in mind that these are merely some examples, you can register your own proposal.

  1. Mobile VNC server – Implement a “lightweight” VNC server for mobile. What “lightweight” means must be defined.
  2. XSidebar – Implement an easy customizable/scriptable cross-browser sidebar. This is not part of a specific web page, but augments the web browser. It is usually implemented as web browser add-on.
  3. RSS mobile widget – a mobile widget (not standalone application) capable of displaying an RSS feed.
  4. Rendering engine in Firefox – implement a Firefox add-on that will integrate different rendering engines like IE (multiple versions), Webkit or Opera in Firefox. A project can implement only one rendering engine, and ideally all the projects will be interoperable.
  5. Anti-spam application for mobiles – an application that will block spam (SMS, email, instant messages) for mobile. This will integrate with a community anti-spam server.
  6. SyncML for bookmarks – define a SyncML protocol for bookmarks and implement it for mobile and/or major browsers.
  7. Mobile gallery – an image gallery that works with different source like local images, Flickr, Snapfish, Picassa, Google Images etc. New sources should be easy to configure and add.
  8. Mobile/desktop/web reporting widget – a widget that will display a chart (pie, bar etc) aggregating data from web services. The widget will be implemented on a mobile platform, desktop or within a web page.
  9. XSLT browser add-on – a browser add-on that is applying an XSLT and displaying result on-the-fly for the current tab.
  10. VoiceXML mobile browser (hint: leverage mobile voice recognition and speech synthesis capabilities of the device)

And in the end a few considerations for all the proposals

  • For mobile applications the following platforms can be used: Android, webOS or any other major one. For a project, a team can consider only one implementation. It would be ideal that all the implementations (even from different teams) be interoperable and offer a similar user experience.
  • For browsers add-ons the following browsers can be considered: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari.
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