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Cool ideas reloaded

When I was just a kid, I heard that in some countries, people were paid just for their ideas. In a newly post-communist country this seemed almost unreal. Now, more than 20 years after, this became everyday life reality. And even more interesting is the fact that companies realized that doing this, it really pays off.

That’s why Romtelecom, one of the biggest Romanian telecommunication providers, launched on October 25th the second edition of their contest Idei tari (cool ideas in Romanian), focused on multimedia applications. Just a quick glance at their website and you clearly see that we are talking here about cutting edge technology and cool ideas that will really make a difference in the industry. Of course, the prizes will match your effort and creativity:

  • first prize – 5000 euro
  • second prize – 3000 euro
  • third prize – 2000 euro
  • … plus internship at Romtelecom and subscription to a related topic conference

Just to remember, the first edition was focused on telecom solutions and it was won by a 23 years young men with his solution “Genetic algorithms applied in planning and design of telecom networks”. A special prize was won by 13 years kid who made it to the final with his intelligent home solution: Tech Home.

Something else I would like to point out about this contest. Something that I like and I think it should be done more often here in Romania: the collaboration between industry and education. In this case the jury is made of Romtelecom experts and university teachers.
But it seems that Romtelecom has quite a history here. A partnership between Romtelecom, Huawei Romania and Faculty of Electronics from Bucharest Polytechnics University is already in place and a state of the art telecommunication laboratory for students was created as part of this collaboration. Total amount invested: over 200k euros. Companies, like Romtelecom and Huawei, that understand that the real asset are the people will become more and more successful in the future. They need to involve in education and other aspects of the society, but this effort and long time investment will surely pay off.

So, if you are Romanian and under 35 years old, raise up to the challenge and submit your idea before April 30th 2011. Good luck!

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