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Back To Top – user script

I previously explained how you can include a back to top button in your page. Pretty simple technique.
But Cosmin had the idea to automatically include this in all the pages using user scripts, so you can improve your browsing experience. For you and for the others.
So a little bit of tweaking for the original script and I got a working user script. And it works in Firefox, IE and Chrome.
I tested it with FF 3.6, IE 8 and Chrome 7. It seems that user scripts are also supported by a Safari for Mac plugin, but I have no knowledge about Safari for Windows. And for Opera … I don’t care too much about Opera and their less than 1 percent market share.

For Firefox you have to install Greasemonkey add-on, for IE you have to install the IE7Pro plugin and Chrome has native support for user scripts.
And now to install the user script – just click here for Firefox and Chrome, and here for IE. The only difference between the two is just the name, in IE, the user scripts must end with .ieuser.js as opposed to .user.js in other browsers. Otherwise the content is the same – I like cross-browser, non-intrusive JavaScript code ;).


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