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WebInProgress – final chapter

WebInProgress, the first pilot edition is finished. For us, as organizers, it was a great experience. We saw projects being born and, week by week, being grown. We met highly skilled and passionate students and we all shared our ideas and experience. And in the end, we had the chance to check out some great live presentation directly from the project authors.

But the deadline came and, I must admit – the hardest part for me, judging. Even though we had to vote a top, I must say that the decision was close and I would recommend anyone to check all the projects. But enough talking, here are the winners
1st prizeFace Recognition for Mobile Phones – Octavian Sima, Elena Holobiuc (BSD license)
2nd prizeAirJobDone – Andrei Dulceanu (Apache License 2.0)
3rd prizeLabRemote – Ioan-Alexandru Eftimie, Sergiu Iordache, Irina Preșa (GPL v3)
4th prizePlant Care – Sinziana Mihaela Gafitanu (LGPL)

Even though this was the final chapter (of this edition), my hope is that a new edition will come and we will have at least as good projects and contestants.

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