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Font detection

Yesterday I participated to NetCamp 2011. In the end, there was a special contest, where 5 web projects out of 20, made it to the final. The prize was 1000 euro.

The winner was WhatFontIs.com, which, I must admit, was also my personal favorite. A nice web application, easy to use and clearly explained by its author. The author was also very enough and donated the prize money to an humanitarian cause.
The idea is very simple. You see an image with some text on it and you want to know what font is using. You upload the image or specify the URL and the application analyze the image, splits into letters and then gives you a list of closest matching fonts. Further on you can download (if it’s free) or buy the font. It aggregates different font sources and searches through almost 250000 fonts. Extensions are available for Firefox and Chrome.
This is especially useful for designers, but not exclusively. I don’t see myself using this on a daily basis, but only because of my job nature. And I can see the value and usefulness in it.

There are a few things that I would like to see in such an application. First it would be nice that the application will also recognize the letters and to offer at least some suggestions. And to also have an option to contact a font author that will create the font for you if you haven’t found it.

Altogether, this web application is easy to use and valuable. And 100% Romanian. Nice!

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