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Internet and mobile world conference in Bucharest – day 2

I would say that the second day of the conference was a bit more interesting than the first one, at least for me as a developer.

I would recognize three more in-depth technical presentations. First one was given by Alvin Richards, Technical Director for 10 GEN, the company that created MongoDB. His presentation was about NoSQL databases, but with a very strong focus on MongoDB. David Mytton, founder of Server Density, backed up with his presentation and three study cases about NoSQL databases – MongoDB, Cassandra and CouchDB. From his presentation, I would give a try to MongoDB, taking into account performance and features.

Another technical presentation, this time from the client side area, was given by Andrei Ismail, Lead Front-End Developer at UberVu, about Mosaic a JavaScript framework for single page applications. He gave us insights about the development process, barriers encountered and important features of the framework. I would recommend you to check out at least the application demo developed with this framework.

Another presentation, not a technical one this time, but engaging and aggregating some interesting numbers was given by Doina Costache from Google. She gave some interesting figures for mobile adwords. If I remember correctly, only 8% of mobile queries are matched queries, but CTR on mobile adwords is 12%. So a growing opportunity for marketers.

On the other end, I was disappointed by the presentation from Nick Nicolescu, Territory Manager SEA at VMWare, which was nothing more than reading prices of the VMWare offer list from the slides.

I will come back about day 3, the final one, and general conclusions about the event.

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