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Internet and mobile conference in Bucharest – day 3

I guess I was so bored about the last day speakers that I forgot to write the post about the final day.

Come on, it wasn’t that boring, at least not entirely. On the plus side I liked Ionut Oprea’s presentation about the Romanian blogging scene and different marketing campaigns made with bloggers. The blogging world in Romania is not that big or influential as other Western ones, but it’s steadily growing and there are major bloggers that are moving to the professional side. Encouraging.
Also encouraging is that online marketing agencies are started to push for YouTube advertising. I’m not thrilled that Google’s cash flow is growing, but this trend could also result in that the online TV could take over in matter of years the classical one.

As usual, Dan Virtopeanu was dealing with some cool aspects in the mcommerce space, as one of the speakers at the end of the day.

On the other end, it was the presentation “How to increase conversion rate, display relevant content to your visitors and get quality leads for websites and online shops” by Adrian Ursu and Ana Bucuroiu from Dynamicweb. It was even more boring than its long title – we practically found out their company offer in one long hour.

And now the overall conclusion. But first some administrative stuff. I was annoyed (not much) about the scanning of the badge, every time you enter or exit a conference room. I understand that the organizers wanted to check the attendance and even have some contacts for follow-up. But it was a conference about future of online and mobile. There were some speakers talking about NFC. Just put a few RFID gate readers and voila, problem solved. You have seamless attendance tracking, without any man power costs and you could even cover a wider area.

Altogether, IMWorld was an interesting conference, focused on the online marketing industry. Mobile was clearly one of the hottest topics and, at least, slightly touched by all (interesting!) speakers. A new emerging field, m-commerce, is on the rise and at this moment the numbers could not be totally relevant, but the trend should be.

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