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Clonezilla – good user experience

March 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Lately, I reinstalled my wife’s laptop OS. And along with this all the necessary programs. So I decided to do a backup so I can easily reinstall next time, by simply restoring instead of installing the OS, drivers, applications etc.
After a little bit of googling and a short investigation, I decided to use Clonezilla. It is practically a live Linux distribution that can backup and restore your disks and partition.
I was totally impressed. The entire process of backing up and restoring (I restored once, just for testing) was so easy, that the only tip that I can give you is to simply follow the instructions. The interface is not in graphical mode, but in text mode, but it is so easy to use. A wizard like screens, very intuitive and everything works just out of the box. I backed up on an USB hard disk and it was simply recognized and automatically mounted in matter of seconds. And I finished everything in just minutes.
Backing up a partition of approximately 4-5Gb used space lasted around 5 minutes and resulted in a 2-3Gb image. Restoring it, even better: around 3 minutes.
This is the user experience that open source projects should offer. I can say that Clonezilla can easily compete with any commercial products.

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