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Internet and mobile world conference in Bucharest – day 2

September 21, 2012 2 comments

I would say that the second day of the conference was a bit more interesting than the first one, at least for me as a developer.

I would recognize three more in-depth technical presentations. First one was given by Alvin Richards, Technical Director for 10 GEN, the company that created MongoDB. His presentation was about NoSQL databases, but with a very strong focus on MongoDB. David Mytton, founder of Server Density, backed up with his presentation and three study cases about NoSQL databases – MongoDB, Cassandra and CouchDB. From his presentation, I would give a try to MongoDB, taking into account performance and features.

Another technical presentation, this time from the client side area, was given by Andrei Ismail, Lead Front-End Developer at UberVu, about Mosaic a JavaScript framework for single page applications. He gave us insights about the development process, barriers encountered and important features of the framework. I would recommend you to check out at least the application demo developed with this framework.

Another presentation, not a technical one this time, but engaging and aggregating some interesting numbers was given by Doina Costache from Google. She gave some interesting figures for mobile adwords. If I remember correctly, only 8% of mobile queries are matched queries, but CTR on mobile adwords is 12%. So a growing opportunity for marketers.

On the other end, I was disappointed by the presentation from Nick Nicolescu, Territory Manager SEA at VMWare, which was nothing more than reading prices of the VMWare offer list from the slides.

I will come back about day 3, the final one, and general conclusions about the event.

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Internet and mobile world conference in Bucharest – day 1

September 19, 2012 3 comments

Today was the first day of the Internet & Mobile World conference in Bucharest. I attended quite a few presentations, mostly presentations of case studies, with more focus on the bigger picture and less on the in-depth solution and implementation.

One concept present in two of them caught my attention – Remote Expert. The idea is simple: give access to experts to a wider range of people through some kind of teleconferencing means. Practically it is an older concept, but I like that it is becoming mainstream. Two speakers from Cisco presented its applications in banking and healthcare. A bank in Canada opened branches in remote areas and created in those branches hi-def teleconferencing rooms to offer its clients access to a wider area of financial experts. The second case study was in the healthcare industry with a focus on its applications on SMURD, the Romanian medical emergency service. Highly trained doctors from four main medical centers were connected with smaller divisions in remote areas and they were able to save lives through their expertise.

I was just leaving these presentations and I got the chance to test a similar application in the banking industry. Citibank, one of the leaders in the online banking market in Romania, launched OnlineBranch. It is an online service, so even accessible to a broader range of people, through which you can discuss with the bank financial advisers. Unfortunately the internet connection was poor and I couldn’t connect. It supposed to work from a mobile phone as well, but 3G connection wasn’t again enough. I personally think that this kind of low bandwidth cases should be targeted too, but I’m confident that they will remedy this in the future.

And if we’re talking about bandwidth, I gladly saw that satellite internet is becoming cheaper. At one of the booth, Tooway was advertising its home packages, starting with 20 EUR/month (for 2Mbps download and 1Mbps upload for first 2Gb). It is not yet affordable for the average consumer, but my hopes are high for the next few years.

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