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Firefox plugins

November 28, 2010 2 comments

As I’m involved in web development, Firefox became an essential tool. If you think of web development, forget about Internet Explorer, this is the tool. What makes Firefox unique is its ability to integrate a wide variety of plug-ins.
Which one do I used? I will provide a list below and the reasons why. In time I will try to update this list according to my preferences.

  • Firebug. The BEST tool for web development. With this you can inspect DOM elements, you can modify on the fly CSS and see the changes instantly. But it’s good not only to check your website, but you can also snoop into color codes, fonts etc. from other pages. If you want to print a page, this can help you by removing on the fly unwanted elements.
  • HttpFox – a traffic monitor for all HTTP requests in the browser. I know that Firebug has a similar functionality in the Net panel, but for me this plug-in seems a little bit more clear and easier to use.
  • Web developer toolbar. The name says it all. Although lately I used rarely this extension, you can easily disable/enable JavaScript/CSS/cookies in the browser with it and resize the window to test your design on different resolutions.
  • Screengrab!. You’ll never know when you need a screenshot of the entire page, not only the viewport area. But when you do, this plug-in is the best choice.
  • User Agent Switcher. Test how your web server/pages respond on different browsers/devices. You can import or define your own user agent strings (User-Agent HTTP header) and easily change them from the File/Tools menu. As I’m a WURFL user, I miss here an integration feature.
  • Download Statusbar. If you’re tired of the boring default downloads window, this might be on your taste. Check out the mini mode. Non-intrusive, compact and with detailed info.
  • Plain Old Favorites. I don’t like to sync my bookmarks, so with this I can use IE Favorites in Firefox. In the same way as Bookmarks.
  • CoolIris. Web developer or not you have to like this add-on. Instead of viewing images from Flickr, Google Image Search, Photobucket etc in plain web pages, display them on a 3D wall, with smooth scrolling and zoom. For me it is really useful when I search an image on Google or Flickr because I get rid of paging.

In the past I used …

I like that Mozilla created an add-on site and let’s you create collections. Now it is so easy to reinstall all my favorite add-ons every time I reinstall Firefox. And here are my favorites, all in one place.

What extensions do you use?

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