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Carlets – mobile car integration

October 19, 2009 Leave a comment

I will start a new category in my blog: ideas. I will post here cool (in my opinion) new ideas to be implemented in the web, software or technology field area.
First one. From the making of the car more than 100 years ago since today, things evolved tremendously. Except the fuel, but that’s another discussion. A lot of features and gadgets are part now of the modern car, just to make your life easier.
I always liked when gadgets and technologies are integrating and interoperating smooth and nicely. In auto industry there are a lot of efforts in this direction: some cars have integrated Bluetooth, so if you enter with your phone you can use it as a handset, others have special connectors for your iPod and iPhone and so on. But what I’m talking here is really true integration. Also when it comes to personalize your car, things are looking pretty good. Some cars memorize different seat positions for different drivers. Or even mirrors position.
The mobile phone is probably the most personal device. Unlike the car, that can be driven by any member of the family or it can even be a rental. So a true integration between these two will be the most desired. Imagine that you enter your car. Previously you memorized driver seat position, mirrors etc. Just a few button pushes and your car is exactly like you want it. But if you rent the car, you will need more than this.
Now, imagine that you enter a car, not just your, but any, and the car simply adapts to your needs. Sci-fi? Not quite. The entire technology is there, it misses only the INTEGRATION.
How this will work? Simple. Enter a car, just any car, personalize it and then save the settings to your mobile phones through Bluetooth. Next time your enter another car, the settings will be taken from the mobile phone and the car will instantly adapt to your wishes. Just like that.
And the entire technology is there. Cars, for sure, can be personalized and can understand Bluetooth, mobiles, for sure, can understand Bluetooth. There is only one link missing. You can even use existing protocols in the Bluetooth stack, like OBEX. Or if you’re concerned about wireless technology and security, USB is also available :).
And now let’s take a few moments to day dream of what a car can do.

  • Mirrors (front and lateral), driver seat, wheel position, all these are adapted instantly to your driving style. It can even differ according to the speed.
  • Forget about setting the heating or air conditioner. The car simply knows what is your favorite temperature (in summer and winter) and it sets the heating system, also according to the external temperature in such a way to be just right for you.
  • Play my favorite radio station. Or no, better play my favorite tunes, directly from my phone. And change the music genre when I go faster.
  • Your smartphone becomes instantly a small computer board, displaying, speed, average speed, rpms, fuel consumption etc. And the GPS software just got a little better. No guess for the average speed, it simply knows the real instant one.
  • In a convertible, I don’t care about the rooftop. Weather, speed and the secret ingredient, my preferences, make the recipe.
  • Lights are adapting to the road, time and weather.
  • And if not everything so far wasn’t making your life easier, add voice commands on top. Anyway, it is already there, on your smartphone.
  • Now let’s take a step further and replace the board panel with a small touchscreen. This will display only the information that you find useful. Forget about rpms, show me only the speed. Or do it in a different color. By day and night. Everything skinnable. And all these possible in a blink of an eye.

You can even develop plug-ins for either your mobile device (the client) or your car (the server). And because I like Java, I even found a cool name: carlets (like applets, midlets or servlets). Or you can use widgets. And you have to admit that this opens a new world of opportunities.
For all this, the auto makers will need to agree to some standards, which could be very hard in this industry.
But I can still hope and dream about it. What would you like to personalize in your car?

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