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SmartAgenda for SmartPhones

August 13, 2007 Leave a comment

I bought me one of the HP iPAQ 500 series Voice Messenger. I finally dropped my old (and lacking of any cool features) phone. If you’re not a game addict then probably the below will be interesting for you.

I mainly like the Outlook synchronization. So practically you have all the appointments and contacts from Outlook directly to your phone. And I will describe how to make the best out of it.

But first things first. How did I moved the contacts from the old phone to the new one? I have to remind you that the last phone was a really old one and it didn’t feature any synchronization with Outlook. I could though edit the agenda on the phone using Oxygen. I didn’t have the application (and the special USB cable) with me, so I simply copied the contacts to the SIM card. I’ve put the SIM card into the new smartphone. Unfortunately Outlook synchronization doesn’t work for the contacts on the SIM card, but only for those on the phone. So I’ve downloaded a small application to be able to copy the contacts from SIM card to phone and then synchronize with Outlook. Actually I moved the contacts from the SIM and the uninstall the application, after all from now on I can synchronize with Outlook.

Another thing that you have to take into account is that ActiveSync synchronizes only the Contacts folder from the Outlook contacts. So if you’re using subfolders, forget about them. But there’s a much cleaner way to organize your contacts: categories. There are like the tags (a real trend now in web – GMail, Flickr). So assign to all the contacts in a subfolders some corresponding category (or categories) and then move them to the Contacts folder. This way they will all be synchronized with your smartphone. And the good thing that you can even filter the agenda on the phone (or Outlook) using these categories. So after all this came even more handy than the subfolders.

And the last thing was birthday reminders. I know that the Calendar on the phone automatically puts the birthday reminders (if you specified one for your contacts), but I wanted something more. So I searched and found NS Birthday. The nice things about this application is that it also tells you how many days are until every birthday in the agenda.

So now I have a very cool agenda solution, easy synchronized between my phone and my Outlook. All I have to do is to put all the info for every contact in Outlook. But this comes in time and anyway is much easier with a real PC keyboard.